Crown CRO is a perfect partner

The world was different when Crown CRO started in 2005. At the time, it was quite unusual that a company from a small country would direct its sales outside of its home markets – but we did just that. We looked for customers and partners from all over the world, we were visible and participated in events. We believed that international industry events, conferences and exhibitions were important for creating networks.

And nothing has changed since those humble beginnings, with the cornerstones of our operations remaining the same still today. On the other hand, a lot has changed since. There have been great years but also difficult years over time, however with hard work a relentless attitude to succeed we have managed to overcome those challenges. Today Crown CRO turnover is almost 15 M€ and is one of the biggest companies in the industry in Finland, as well as one of the largest in Northern Europe.

The basis of our profitable business is to seek and find new customers with new challenges as well as applying what we have learned and established so well. We have certainly not forgotten our own “backyard” markets but we still have a strong and growing focus on international markets all over the world. In addition to our current partnerships, our target continues to be expansion of new collaborations within other CRO’s, Biopharma and Medical Device companies to develop our business – our only limitation is the globe itself. We continue to cultivate our business opportunities in Northern America as well as identifying promising opportunities in the Middle East and Asia.

I once described Crown CRO as a perfect partner and I believe that this description is more than justifiable. Today we are more than 120 employees at Crown, but still our organizational structure remains very flat and flexible. Our staff is highly professional, diligent, dedicated and hardworking, and everyone continues to move in a shared direction.

Despite the growth of Crown CRO, our size is still our competitive edge: we are able to provide cost effective services and solutions with swifter execution than larger companies. One of our targets, naturally, is to raise the number of trials in Finland, but having said this, one of our core strengths and benefits to our customers is our local expertise. Our own offices in 8 countries, which we warmly call our own, ensure that our regional expertise fulfils all the needs and demands that our customers’ require.