How did we become a full-service CRO?

A few days ago, I asked our Chief Commercial Officer what was behind the company’s decision a couple of years ago to invest in Data Management and Pharmacovigilance. Päivi was quiet for a while, like she quite often is before answering. “We saw the financial potential,” she then said in her laconic way.

Retrospectively, it was a brave move. Today, I salute our former Board of Directors for their passion for change and for their ambition. They were willing to make the attempt to reach out for something that had been impossible until then.

To create a success story, you need a viable strategy or promise, the ability to deliver on that promise, and the capability to utilize the potential that results. In Crown’s case, a commitment from the whole company was needed. We owe our success to a group of dedicated employees who went above and beyond to deliver on our promise.

During the past two years, a few determined people in the Pharmacovigilance and Data Management teams have carried the torch and managed to motivate their team members even in moments of disbelief, no matter the level of abstraction of the future outcome. And then, as the projects proceeded, it was time for our commercial team to begin to feel increasing pressure on their shoulders. Nevertheless, the team pushed hard to utilize the momentum, trusting that the services would be ready in due time.

All in all, we would not have been able to turn Crown into a full-service CRO without the right people who have been willing to shoulder the responsibility they have been entrusted with.

Making life easier for our customers

Today, the fruits of that hard labor are at our disposal. Besides becoming a full-service CRO, we have also taken major steps towards digitalization, are able to welcome new customers, and can offer our personnel opportunities for further professional growth and advancement. As a company, our growth potential is on an unprecedented level.

Customers, too, can reap the rewards of our progress. We are now able to offer an end-to-end customer experience, making life easier for our customers. 

As I was reflecting on Crown’s transformation, I realized that June marks one year since I started working here. I want to thank you all for making it such a good one.

Many of you are soon heading for your well-deserved vacation. I hope you can all relax and enjoy the time off with your loved ones – and then return to the office full of energy and ready to face all the new challenges that lay ahead.

Have a great summer!