Introducing our new Managing Director: Tarja Leikas

We at Crown CRO are pleased to introduce to you our new CEO, Tarja Leikas. Our long-term leader Päivi Itkonen, who is also one of our founders, steps into the position of Chief Commercial Officer and continues on Crown CRO board.

Tarja joins us from Eniram, part of Wärtsilä, where she served as Chief Operations Officer. She brings Crown CRO years of experience in leadership, finance, operative excellence, and general governance. She has a proven track record of leading organizational transformations.

“We are at a state where we need to speed up our growth. Tarja was chosen as our CEO because Crown CRO is open to change and ready to grow. Her leadership and change management skills are exceptional,” says Päivi Itkonen.

“I’m joining Crown CRO with peace of mind. The competence and attitude of Crown’s employees have made a deep impression on me, the company possesses a high level of expertise and satisfied customers. This is a great foundation to build on for the future. I’m also well aware that my change and growth leadership skills are needed here. I’m truly excited about Crown CRO’s opportunities,” Tarja Leikas says.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Crown CRO’s former Managing Director Päivi Itkonen will be responsible for all customer-related activities. This reflects the company’s increased customer focus.

“In my new position, I can apply my skills and knowledge to fully benefit our customers. I can focus on what I’ve always been most passionate about,” says Päivi Itkonen.

The change in Crown CRO’s leadership is part of planned leadership transition as well as the company’s recent organizational restructuring aimed at providing added customer focus with dedicated business units serving Crown CRO’s different customer segments.

“The new organization has been built to enable us to identify the needs of our customers and to serve them in the best possible way. It will also allow us to utilize our investments into pharmacovigilance and data services as well as develop our internal competencies and thus strengthen our in-house expertise, which the entire company is based on,” Tarja Leikas says.

Throughout her long and distinguished career, Päivi Itkonen has acquired skills and knowledge that are now fully at Crown CRO’s customers’ disposal. Her reputation and expertise are well-known in the industry. From now on, she will focus on listening to customers and generating new commercial opportunities.

“We are in a process of transformation, but there are also things that remain unchanged. One of Crown CRO’s strengths will always be top-level expertise, and that boils down to people. We want to take care of our people who are our most valuable asset,” Päivi Itkonen says.