Two Crown CRO representatives selected to Pharma Industry Finland PIF’s expert groups

Two Crown CRO representatives have been selected to serve in Pharma Industry Finland PIF’s expert groups. Their term began in March.

Crown CRO’s Chief Commercial Officer Päivi Itkonen was selected to the Real-World Data expert group and Clinical Research Manager Leena Hollfast to the Clinical Drug Trials expert group.

Pharma Industry Finland PIF brings together innovation-driven companies working in life science research and development. PIF collects and shares knowledge, offers information, hosts various networks, and participates in national policymaking. Its members include companies authorized to manufacture or market pharmaceuticals or to engage in pharmaceutical research in Finland, and associations working to promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

PIF’s committees and expert groups are made up of representatives of PIF’s member companies. They support PIF’s in-house experts and facilitate communication between the health care sector, the government, and other stakeholders to enhance cooperation and promote the objectives of the entire health sector. Crown CRO joined PIF shortly after the company was founded in 2005.

Collaboration strengthens the entire industry

The expert group representatives are selected on the basis of a rigorous application process. PIF is particularly keen on solution-driven people with good interpersonal and cooperation skills. Having two representatives in the PIF expert groups shows that Crown CRO’s knowhow, excellence, and experience are valued and the company has received wide recognition both in Finland and internationally.

Participation gives Crown CRO an opportunity to raise its profile and creates possibilities for wider cooperation within the medical industry. It allows Crown CRO to share its expertise with other companies and together improve the skills and knowledge of the entire industry through joint work and discussions. 

“The expert groups work with current issues, providing us with the latest information on developments in the field, such as legislative changes, upcoming regulations, and new practices. It helps us keep abreast of what’s going on in the industry,” Päivi Itkonen says.

Investments in R&D are on the rise

Crown CRO is a privately owned CRO with Finnish roots and a global network. Its headquarters is located in Espoo, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and it also has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as ongoing operations in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Belarus. Crown CRO employs over 125 professionals.

Crown CRO specializes in customer-oriented, competitive, and flexible services for clinical trials and regulatory affairs in Europe and the United States, serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, functional food, and medical device industries as well as contract research organizations. According to a 2018 survey by PIF, pharmaceutical industry investments in Finland are expected to increase by €40 million in the coming two years. In 2017, the investments amounted to €254 million, of which €200 million were directed to research and development.