CRA Training Program 6-7.5.2020 and 13-14.5.2020. CANCELED

Unfortunately, this CRA Training Course has been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation. We received many applications, therefore we have decided to arrange three independent CRA Training Courses next Autumn. We warmly thank all the applicants. All applicants will receive an e-mail during next Autumn about the training courses and the possibility to apply to them. We wish you all the best.

Building a better and healthier tomorrow is a goal shared by the entire world. We at Crown CRO are proud to do our part for achieving this important goal by, for example, sharing our skills and knowledge and promoting the entire industry. 

One way to do this is to help new, talented people enter the field. This is also one of the driving forces behind our CRA training program, which we launched spring 2019. Being strong believers in continuous professional development, we have previously organized CRA training in-house. Now, we have opened up the program to people outside the company, too.

Crown CRO will organize two CRA training programs in May.

The training provides you with
• Comprehensive basic knowledge of clinical trials and their implementation
• A substantial amount of information about the work of CRA and its content at different stages of research
• Good theoretical skills to apply to CRA jobs
• A place to get acquainted with the work of CRA with the guidance of experienced experts
• A unique opportunity to complete the Crown CRO GCP test at the end of the training

The number of training places is limited, so book your seat soon!

The CRA Training Course 6-7.5.2020 and 13-14.5.2020, held in Finnish, is canceled due to the COVID-19 situation .

Thank you for your application and interest you have shown for CRA Training Program at Crown CRO. We wish you all the best!