Crown CRO is proud to be part of the CoroPrevention Clinical Trial – a unique opportunity to evaluate personalized prevention in CHD.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) affects both men and women and remains the leading cause of premature death globally. Cardiovascular diseases are a huge burden especially on the EU economy, costing the EU more than 200 billion euros annually.

The aging population and the number of people affected by CHD increase in the EU. Thus, novel and preventive treatments, as well as a strategic and joint action plan are urgently needed in order to be able to prevent cardiovascular events and to improve the lives of patients. The CoroPrevention clinical trial is a unique opportunity in achieving this common goal.

The CoroPrevention clinical trial has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. Approximately 12.000 patients with CHD from Finland, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland will participate in the trial. The aim of this extensive clinical trial is to develop a preventive treatment path and to include it in the European treatment recommendations.

Patients in the study will receive lifestyle coaching with the assistance of a mobile phone application, which focuses on changing a number of unhealthy habits known to adversely impact major cardiovascular risk factors. Optimization of medication is also included in the intervention. The goal is to reduce the number of cardiac events and deaths, while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs.

Crown CRO is thrilled to be part of this important and valuable clinical trial and will support it with regulatory knowledge and monitoring services provided by our highly experienced professionals. Crown CRO has been involved in the development of treatments to patients and building a healthier world for 15 years. Our broad expertise in these areas will bring high value to this trial.

We are ready to take on new projects and offer our solutions for the greater good of patients.

Join us in building a healthier future for everyone.

-Veronica Kalhori