The best way to empower girls is through education

Every year on the 11th of October, the International Day of the Girl is celebrated around the world. Today, girls are more powerful than ever before. We see young female leaders entering different sectors of society and can witness many highly recognized and respected global movements led by strong and smart young ladies.

Despite these tremendous achievements, there is still a lot of work to do to have the rights and potential of girls fully recognized. Unfortunately, the opportunities for girls to accomplish goals in life are still remarkably limited in many countries due to structural inequalities in their societies. The voice of girls is unheard and, unfortunately, even silenced in many places around the world.

Human history has proven time after time that education and research are the main keys to success in a society. Advanced and successful societies can support this fact, which is further backed up by the evidence that even developing countries that are committed to empowering girls and women through education are building happier, more equal communities and are heading toward structurally and economically stronger and sustainable societies.

It is crucial to make a world-wide effort to amplify the voice of girls and empower them to use their full potential in building well-functioning and healthy societies. When girls flourish, their communities and societies flourish as well.

Unleashing the power and potential of girls will benefit the entire world community. Let’s empower them through education so that they will able to spread their wings, break boundaries and take charge of their own lives and future.

-Veronica Kalhori
Communications and Brand Manager