Crown CRO welcomes collaboration in clinical trials across Nordic borders

Pharma Industry Finland recently reported that the pharmaceutical industry invested 330 million euros in Finland during the year 2020, with an increase of almost 40 % from the previous year.  A great portion of the increased investments were due to clinical trials.

During a conference arranged by the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) last week, a great deal of emphasis was dedicated to the discussion of clinical trials. There was clearly a huge interest for collaboration between the Nordic countries regarding clinical trials, and for making the entire Nordic region an attractive environment for initiating new trials. 

We at Crown CRO are delighted by these initiatives and warmly welcome collaboration with other parties from the Nordic countries and around the globe. We believe that we can make the Nordics a leading global player in the improvement of patients’ lives.

By collaborating in the conduct of clinical trials in the Nordic region, we can bring new, innovative medicines and treatments to patients in larger amounts, in less time. 

Together for a healthier future