About Us

Trust is the key to success

Building a better and healthier tomorrow is a goal shared by the entire world community. Crown CRO is proud to be your partner in achieving this goal.

Established in 2005, Crown CRO is a privately owned CRO with Finnish roots and a global network. We specialize in customer-oriented, competitive, and flexible services for clinical trials and regulatory affairs in Europe and the United States, serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, functional food, and medical device industries as well as contract research organizations. Our headquarters is located in Finland, and we have strong presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Experience brings credibility

Having participated in over 900 clinical trials in 18+ countries in the past 5 years and adhering stringently to good clinical research practice, our team offers a broad range of expertise, high credibility, and unparalleled quality.

Success is based on local expertise. We know the local regulatory processes and requirements and have a wide network of investigators and key opinion leaders, enabling us to successfully complete our commitments to our customers.

A consistently low staff turnover rate means that people are both dedicated and profoundly clued up on the industry and its processes and challenges.