Crown CRO works closely with industry newcomers to help them plan and execute their Clinical Development programs. From building comprehensive study budgets to coordinating efforts from various service providers and clinical sites, we begin our collaborative efforts early on to provide support through-out the life cycle of the programs.


At Crown CRO, we are constantly seeking partnerships with service providers to help complete the service constellations we provide. Our Quality Assurance professionals execute vendor qualifications for all our collaborative partners to ensure consistency and quality in deliverables for our customers.

Pharmaceutical companies

For over 10 years we have provided insourced personnel for our large customers, creating flexible and reliable resourcing solutions to support their needs from local studies to global programs. Our highly skilled team of professionals carry a vast range of experience in roles ranging from Clinical Operations and Project Management to Regulatory, Medical and Quality Assurance.

Medical device companies

Crown has supported Medical Device companies in their research efforts and over the past 5 years have collaborated with a range of different Medical Device studies. As the environment for these studies is changing, we want to ensure that our Medical device customers get the support and guidance they need to carry their concepts through to Market.

Functional food companies, Cosmetics and More

Our 15 years in the industry has given us the opportunity to provide our core expertise and collaboration also in the areas of functional foods, cosmetics, med tech and many more. As the industry continues to expand, Crown CRO plans to be an intricate part of the changes for the future.


We have conducted hundreds of clinical trials in several countries. Without collaboration with hospitals, research institutes and researchers, our job would not have been possible. Thus, we continuously seek new partnering collaborators in order to be able to continue to bring new treatments to patients with unmet medical needs.