Our Story

Together for a healthier future

Building a better and healthier tomorrow is a goal shared by the entire world community. Crown CRO is proud to be your partner in achieving this goal.

Established in 2005, Crown CRO is a privately owned CRO with Finnish roots and a global network. We specialize in customer-oriented, competitive, and flexible services for clinical trials and regulatory affairs in Europe and the United States, serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, functional food, and medical device industries as well as contract research organizations. Our headquarters is located in Finland, and we have strong presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Diversity, inclusion and human capital make our success story

Crown CRO is an international family of over 100 employees from different educational, cultural and ethnical backgrounds. We believe in diversity, inclusion and human capital; this is what makes us strong in our professionalism and prepared for the ever-changing world around us. We are proud of our employees, who work tirelessly every day to provide services of high quality to our customers and contribute to the success of the company.