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Data Services

Crown CRO Data Services include full Data Management using Industry Compliant systems, Biostatistics & Programming together with Consulting, Planning and Study Design to Final Report in seamless cooperation with Clinical Teams and Scientific Experts.

Our processes are designed to allow for the variations that every study has, whilst adhering to industry requirements and recommendations. Our goal is that data is standardized, collected in a consistent way, and is sound for the objective of analysis.

This service enables us to have seamless communication & cooperation with both in-house and external Clinical Operations and Sponsors, as well as utilize Statistical, Data and Clinical insight into study design, data collection and operational procedures.


Our close collaboration with our EDC provider allows us to leverage the power of an industry leading system that gives us the ability to innovate at the study design stage to create customized solutions that go beyond conventional ideas.

Read about our collaboration with IBM Watson Health.

Data Services

  • Dedication – Experts that are dedicated to CDISC (SDTM/ADaM) and ensuring that our Sponsor’s data is compliant
  • Standards – Standardization from data collection to extraction and analysis creates efficiencies in everything we do
  • People – Expert team members who bring experience from Pharma, CRO and Academia who understand the big picture when it comes to Clinical Research & Data
  • Collaboration – Team work that reaches beyond the day to day; solutions and problem solving with our Sponsors, partners and cross-functional operations
  • Development – Our own investment in development of processes, automation and standards to deliver the highest levels of quality aligned with industry demands