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Medical Language Services

Crown CRO translators offer high quality medical and pharmaceutical translations and language services. Our key competence areas include translations in the fields of clinical trials, drug regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical marketing.

Our main working languages for translation, localization and editing services in Finland are Finnish, Swedish and English. In addition, we provide translations from English into Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. Other language requests are also available upon request.


Tips on EC requirements and modification of clinical trial documents

A vital part of our service portfolio is provided by our medical translators. Offering key services in the industry - ranging from crucial documentation for clinical trials and drug regulatory affairs, through to post-marketing and back-translations.

Crown CRO translators are authorized professionals providing not only translation services as such, but also offering advices related to local modification of clinical trial documents and giving tips on the latest EC requirements. This way we ensure a successful submission process as well as a smooth communication with regulatory authorities and ultimately approval for the application.

Marketing and Back-translation

Translation of documents related to pharmaceutical marketing

  • Pharmaceutical advertisements
  • Training materials
  • Patient guides and brochures
  • Product monographs


  • Authorized translations and translation certificates
  • Authorized translations in several language combinations (usually documents addressed to the public administration of another country that need to be legally certified)
  • Translation certificates (available where authorized translations are not suitable but certification is still required, for example because of client company SOPs)

Other medical and pharmaceutical texts, including updates and partial translations

Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs

Translation of clinical trial documents

  • Information sheets, consent forms and other texts for subjects in clinical trials
  • Protocol summaries
  • Adaptation of trial documents to meet local requirements
  • Ethics Committee documents
  • Correspondence with authorities
  • Medical records
  • Instructions for site staff

Translation of documents related to drug regulatory affairs 

  • Summaries of Product Characteristics
  • Package Leaflets
  • Labelling
  • Training Programs for Risk Management Plans
  • Correspondence with authorities
  • Direct Healthcare Professional Communications (DHPCs)